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Mission Statement

Nurturing Nature Group Consultants mission is to translate medical science data in order to facilitate its benefit to public health. We analyze the political science environment critical to a burgeoning industry’s future success. At Block Botanical Gardens we practice the art and science of nurturing nature. Our agricultural science mission is to sustain plant specimens of extraordinarily high horticultural merit that compare favorably among the finest seen anywhere in the World.”

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About Us

As our ancestors evolved in prehistoric times, early human beings likely recognized that a profound relationship exists between plants and health.

Ancient healers were among the earliest of civilizations’ most accomplished botanists and would have been poorly regarded if they failed to keep their plants alive. Without horticultural knowledge and the ability to sustain plant-derived remedies, healers would lose their formulary and most certainly would have failed at their craft.

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Nurturing NatureBlock Botanical Gardens


  • – Professor Raphael Mechoulam
    Hebrew University – Jerusalem, Israel

    As a Board-Certified physician anesthesiologist, you can bring the benefits from a long professional career’s work to cannabinoid’s therapeutic use in healthcare.
    Your clinical backgrounds offer unique understandings of endocannabinoid medicine’s potential future that should be of significant value to this evolving new science.

    2017 – Raphael Mechoulam, PhD. – The Father of Cannabinoid Medicine

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  • – Royal Botanical Gardens – Kew

    Block Botanical Gardens is an astonishing collection of superbly grown palms and other rare and unusual tropical plants. More than anything, it is the supreme standard of horticulture and resulting beauty of the specimen plants that will impress the visitor.

    2015 – Dr. John Dransfield, The World’s foremost palm expert

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  • American Public Gardens Association (APGA)

    “Your plant quality is wonderful and something to be quite proud of. You have reinvigorated my interest in RO technology, that’s for sure!! Block Botanical Gardens is AMAZING.”

    2015 – Dr. Casey Sclar, Executive Director

  • – Craig Morell – “The Plant Guy”

    “Many of his plants are of better quality and larger size than any I’ve seen, and one of the main reasons is his commitment to providing the plants with excellent water.”

    2011 Blog: “The Plant Guy” – Pinecrest Gardens

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  • – The Miami Herald

    “Some of nature’s most handsome specimen’s – far surpassing what can be found in the wild.”

    1999 – Georgia Tasker, The Miami Herald Garden Editor

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  • – Pinecrest Gardens (aka “Parrot Jungle”)

    When asked to comment on Dr. Jeff Block’s successes as a plantsman, horticulturist Craig Morell quipped:
    “Well, Dr. Block grows uncommon plants uncommonly well!”

    January, 2013 – Pinecrest Gardens (the original “Parrot Jungle”)

  • – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

    “The garden has been transformed into a masterful botanical garden offering balanced vistas among artistic vignettes of plantings.”

    2010 – Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden feature story “A Rare Gem – The Twenty-Year Evolution of a Tropical Botanical Garden”

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  • – “The Villagers” Historic Garden Tours

    “Block has taken knowledge from his medical background and applied it to horticulture. Not only is this garden filled with rare and award-winning plants, it is also visually spectacular.”

    2012 “The Villagers” Annual Historical Garden Tour

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Science, not Opinion

A thoughtfully progressive bioethical position is essential to our company’s mission.

We bring a generational wisdom that can connect with all people; plus an understanding of marketing differences with respect to a given culture’s acceptance or rejection of “medical” marijuana.

In 2019, we’re prepared to speak critically about Cannabis’ prohibition, but will not comment on recreational cannabinoid (“adult”) use until there is a better understanding of its public health benefits and risks as currently used.

Nurturing Nature offers evidence-based scientific services to advance endocannabinoid research and its clinical application within the practice of integrative medicine. We bring decades of strategic planning and risk management expertise to individuals, organizations, and businesses seeking tomorrow’s agriculturally sustainable methods today. We emphasize best practice parameters for physician education, human clinical trial translational research, sustainable growth horticulture, and pharmaceutical grade processing. Responsible dispensing based on clinically therapeutic evidence-based data analyses is essential to optimal patient outcome. Patient education advances quality assurance measures for Cannabis (“medical marijuana”) patients in need of safe and efficient compassionate care.

Bioethical Position

A platform is needed to provide the philosophical guiding light essential to proactive physician education regarding endocannabinoid medicine. As we strive to remain compliant within each State’s legislative guidelines, our consultancy acknowledges and respects the current challenges imposed under the Federal prohibition of Cannabis plant species.

Physicians are morally bound by their oath of medicine and endeavor to ‘above all, do no harm’. The following bioethical statement is intended to be irrefutable, and reflects the advance of our consultancy’s current thought position:

“Seeking relief from the physical, psychological or spiritual symptoms of disease is an instinctual force of human nature, and contributes to medicinal use:

The treatment of intolerable symptoms is an honorable task that society bestows upon its healers to provide humane relief.”

Company-Client Vision

Nurturing Nature, LLC abides the AMA Physician Code of Ethics by continuing to be clearly focused on medicinal Cannabis and maintains no opinion on, or involvement with other related issues.

Particularly while under Federal Prohibition, a bioethical perspective is essential in representing Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants guiding conscience regarding patient access to Cannabis for medicinal purposes. We maintain independent and scrupulously neutral scientific and political credibility as our most essential means to advance our client’s interests. This position best predicates our consultancy’s objectivity to derive medical benefit versus risk analyses that promote ethical guidelines under laws concerning safe & efficient patient care, while at the same time recognizing the humanity and social responsibilities involved.

Medical Oaths and “Do no Harm”

The dilemma resulting from Federal Prohibition of cannabis includes a majority of States that have independently passed legislation allowing compassionate access to medical marijuana.

Although legally available in those States, the clinical evidence-based data supporting improvement in patient outcome is still lacking. In 2017, Dr. Block authored this editorial commenting on what will be needed for future effective legislation:

Opinion – Better Patient Outcomes Hinge on Better Medical Marijuana Legislation



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