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Jeffrey Block

Due to the rapid advancement of both the agricultural and healthcare sciences supporting botanical medicine development, a deep understanding of these relationships is now more important than ever before.

Led by acclaimed physician Jeffrey S. Block, M.D., a Board-Certified anesthesiologist, world-class horticulturist and naturalist, our interdisciplinary team focuses on advanced protocols to extend the science of plant-based therapies into better healthcare outcomes.

Based in Miami, Florida USA, this collaborative consultancy applies translational science models through six sigma metrics to enhance quality improvement processes and derive measurable outcomes. Translational science (also referred to as “translational medicine”) is a discipline within biomedical and public health research that aims to improve the health of individuals and the community by “translating” findings into diagnostic tools, medicines, procedures, policies, and education. It is a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach that endeavors to translate new research and technology into practical methods that benefit community health in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Bioethical Position

A platform is needed to provide the philosophical guiding light essential to proactive physician education regarding endocannabinoid medicine. As we strive to remain compliant within each State’s legislative guidelines, our consultancy acknowledges and respects the current challenges imposed under the Federal prohibition of Cannabis plant species.

Physicians are morally bound by their oath of medicine and endeavor to ‘above all, do no harm’. The following bioethical statement is intended to be irrefutable, and reflects the advance of our consultancy’s current thought position:

“Seeking relief from intolerable physical, psychological or spiritual symptoms of disease is a natural instinct that contributes to medicinal substance use…. The treatment of intolerable symptoms is a noble task that society bestows upon its healers to provide humane relief.”


Company-Client Vision

Nurturing Nature, LLC abides the AMA Physician Code of Ethics by continuing to be clearly focused on medicinal Cannabis and maintains no opinion on, or involvement with other related issues.

Particularly while under Federal Prohibition, a bioethical perspective is essential in representing Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants guiding conscience regarding patient access to Cannabis for medicinal purposes. We maintain independent and scrupulously neutral scientific and political credibility as our most essential means to advance our client’s interests. This position best predicates our consultancy’s objectivity to derive medical benefit versus risk analyses that promote ethical guidelines under laws concerning safe & efficient patient care, while at the same time recognizing the humanity and social responsibilities involved.

Medical Oaths and “Do No Harm”

The dilemma resulting from Federal Prohibition of cannabis includes a majority of States that have independently passed legislation allowing compassionate access to medical marijuana.

Although legally available in those States, the clinical evidence-based data supporting improvement in patient outcome is still lacking. In 2017, Dr. Block authored this editorial commenting on what will be needed for future effective legislation:

Opinion – Better Patient Outcomes Hinge on Better Medical Marijuana Legislation

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