Medical Marijuana Consulting

Medical Marijuana Consulting Services

Strategic Translational Planning

The science of translational medicine is new, and only in its infancy. It is now being applied to the botanical medicine of Cannabis species. New advances in technology continually shift; and can fully disrupt which practices remain as competitive advantages, compared with those that become disadvantages.

Furthermore, external forces such as legislative actions have the potential to fundamentally change the classifications, and thereby the markets extended to this botanical medicine. Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants helps producers, processors, and dispensaries of organizations and technology interests stay ahead of the curve in new developments within their respective industry segments, through contingency planning for disruptions in existing processes, whether medical, technological, or legislative.

Development of Best Practices, Quality Standards, and Metrics

As in any industry, there are established best practice guidelines that become accepted as the standards within that industry. The 2014 American Herbal Pharmacopeia’s (AHP) monograph for Cannabis species and the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) publications for other alternative herbal supplements are examples. These were offered as general guidelines that must be applied in specific ways within each operation; but are minimum standards continue to evolve.

Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants actively participates in the development of entity-specific best practices and quality standards; and can assist with deriving the metrics necessary to not only ensure that such standards are met, but also are quality improved on a continual basis. Deriving from his 20-year hospital career experiences familiar with federally required healthcare accreditation procedures, Dr. Block innovated and incorporated The American Commission on Botanical Safety and Efficacy in 2015 to develop organizational accreditation processes that will benefit patient outcome and improve the future industry’s best practices.

Oversight and Supervision

The production, processing, and dispensing of botanical medicine requires constant supervision and oversight to ensure that not only industry and entity-specific best practices, but also state and federal regulations, are followed daily. In some cases, continuous licensed physician supervision providing oversight may be legally required. Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants’ services can assist the training of medical supervision professionals and supply temporary substitute coverage within an organization to stay compliant with existing statutes.

Identification of Talent

Every organization needs strong talent resourcing to grow with a competitive advantage; however, finding such talent in an emergent science industry can be challenging. Through extensive affiliations and the academic outreach required to stay abreast of developmental expertise within the botanical medicine industry, Dr. Block encounters extraordinarily qualified individuals who can effectively fill specific roles involved with the production, processing, or dispensing aspects of an organization. While Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants does not provide recruitment and staffing services, our consultancy does assist companies in identifying and vetting potential candidates.

Water Quality Analysis and System Quality Improvement

Regardless of the location used to grow botanical medicines in complementing ideal light and air circulation, Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants emphasize that optimal quality water availability is the single-most essential factor determining plant health, particularly those involved in the production of plant-based medicine. Nurturing Nature Consultants can assist growers in the design and implementation of water quality improvement systems utilizing commercial reverse osmosis filtration methods, among other technologies.

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