The Classroom

Nurturing Nature Consultants provides independent and scrupulously neutral proactive education to healthcare providers, patients, researchers, government, and the community-at-large.

Although it has been a quarter century since cannabis’ mechanism of action was first described, Federal prohibition continues to confound its education & research. Rather than waiting to only offer education after researching cannabis; or to provide research only after educating on it; we ascribe that any new science’s discovery requires its responsible education & research to advance simultaneously.

Cannabis Research & Education

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As an academic voluntary Professor at the University of Miami, and as the Florida Medical Association’s (FMA) designated expert consultant on botanical medicine, Dr. Block authored the mandated continuing medical education courses for physicians, published by the Florida Department of Health. Due to his agricultural qualifications, he was independently selected by Florida’s Surgeon General as the only trusted physician requested to develop Florida’s rules and regulations governing its existing cannabis law.

As Dr. Block’s visibility and credibility within the industry grows through showcasing his expertise in this way, the rate of inbound inquiries into the professional services of Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants increases, as has already been demonstrated.