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As our ancestors evolved in prehistoric times, early human beings likely recognized that a profound relationship exists between plants and health. Ancient healers were among the earliest of civilization’s most accomplished botanists and would have been regarded poorly if they failed to keep their plants alive. Without horticultural knowledge and the ability to sustain plant-derived remedies, healers would lose their formulary and most certainly would have failed at their craft. The earliest physician healers included Imhotep in Egypt (2667-2648 BC) and Hippocrates in Greece (460-370 BC), who understood and recorded ancient plant remedies that have withstood the test of time.

Dr. Block has significant lifetime achievements concerning the natural earth sciences. He is a distinguished Master Gardener Course Educator certified by the Florida State Department of Agriculture and is a highly qualified and internationally awarded horticulturist. He owns and directs Block Botanical Gardens in Miami, Florida, an Institutional Member of the American Public Gardens Association (see: ).

Dr. Block's horticultural expertise includes plant analysis and propagation by specializing in and emphasizing water quality issues. He lectures on the historical contributions of therapeutic plant use by indigenous healers; and extends his knowledge to discussions on the science of botanical medicines as utilized by modern physicians.

Specializing in advanced horticultural techniques, Dr. Block is internationally acclaimed for his “clinical acumen” in sustaining extraordinarily rare tropical ornamental plants as seen here:

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